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Buckle up! (or don't. this is America do what you want to) You're about to learn of the origins of Positive Raditude Tees--the adventurous tshirt brand from Bowling Green Kentucky.  This story will chronicle the company from it's humble beginnings as a small tee shirt sales team to it's legendary present as a slightly less-small tee shirt sales team.  During this gripping tale, you'll discover how Positive Raditude came to be, what the team at Positive Raditude is all about, and why the tri-blend shirt material of cotton, polyester, and rayon, combined with direct-to-garment digital printing, is the most comfortable and versatile garment option in today's ever-changing and competitive apparel industry.  Just kidding about that last one.  Everyone already knows that.  Anyhow, onto the humble beginnings of our brand.    

         It was a long long time ago on the icy, barren roads of Iowa in February that three hardy explorers trudged home to their native Kentucky.  Of course, they were in a 12 passenger van with the heat cranked so it wasn't as rugged as it just initially sounded.  It was a group of eleven that they joined on an ice-climbing excursion in Iowa.  Using picks and crampons, the climbing took place on an sufficiently popsicled frozen-over grain silo (a bit corny, I know).  It was here our adventurers displayed their adept competence for mountain sports and grain puns.  During their summits, a bond between them formed stronger than when two, small, flat legos get really stuck together and they're the hardest dang thing to take apart.  On the drive home, our three adventurers reveled in their summits and the comradery that came with it, which got old fast because it was a 10 hour drive.  


Where Positive Raditude was born.  Nathan Spainhoward (far left) Kerrick Moore (3rd from left) David English (2nd from right) Adam Watkins, Positive Raditude Athlete, (center of photo, lurking in the background)

   David English, rock climber, fitness enthusiast, and military personnel, brought up the complaint about the void of cool, outdoors-themed t-shirts on the market.  Nathan Spainhoward, bike mechanic, rock climber, and disliker of the "basicness" associated with the Patagonia brand, echoed David's thoughts about the lack of good tshirts and added to the discussion what he thought would be a good shirt.  Kerrick Moore, Fly-fishing instructor, bowhunter, and most handsome of the three, had several tshirt ideas of his own.  The conversation heated up and soon was boiling with creativity.  The three eyed the economic opportunity of what seemed to be the inevitable solution.  Their creative minds worked in unison until they all hatched the obvious plan. All at once they concluded, "We should design and sell tshirts!" except for Spainhoward, who exclaimed, "we should stop for tacos!"  Initially embarrassed but bent on getting a taco, Spainhoward agreed that it was a grand idea.  A few names were tossed around but the three adventurers/entrepreneurs landed on the name Positive Raditude.  And thus the team was born.  

Pretty original, right?  A t-shirt company!  Nobody's done that before.  Maybe we'll get the bulk of our business by default from people who have simply run out of tees.  Obviously it's not likely and in truth t-shirt stores are basically the lemonade stand of the clothing industry.  But our target audience isn't the poor soul who has run clean out of t-shirts and frantically searches the internet for anything to wear (although we're here for you).  No, our target market is those who think like us.  Those who  prioritize adventure and look for it in their everyday.  Also those who have a chronic addiction to stickers.  

Rad t-shirts are cool, but it's the ideas we're trying to sell here.  We're trying to inspire others live their lives to the fullest.  Unfortunately you can't sell an idea like that online for $25.  Our shirts are what we hope represents what we believe and spreads the message.  We want people to know that when buying our shirts they are contributing to the one of the missions of Positive Raditude--to be positively affecting the lives of others.  To do this, we here at PRHQ donate 10 percent of our profits to the Make-a-wish foundation.   We believe that this non-profit really has the same ideals as we do about making a positive difference and being a blessing someone's life.  We feel that this is the best way for us to put our money where our mouth is and make a positive change.   

Anyhow that's what PR is all about.  You heard it here first.  





  • Corn puns, lego references, tacos…ya got everything you’d want in a birth-of-a-company story. Keep up the good work, gang.

  • This could save our country!

    The President
  • Inspirational!!!

    Chuck Norris

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